File Preperation

Posted By on May 30, 2017

Bleed- .125 is our required amount
Gutter-.125 away from the edge of the paper
Color- Using Working CMYK Swop v2
DPI- 300 dpi

  • PDFs
  • InDesign
    • Use Indesign Package Tool which includes all fonts and images
  • Adobe Illustrator
    • Convert all fonts to curves or include all fonts with job
    • Embed all images or include all images with job
  • Corel Draw
    • Convert all fonts to curves or include all fonts with job
    • Embed all images or include all images with job
  • Adobe Photoshop
    • Flatten Image
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • JPG
  • TIFF
  • EPS
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Caring for Your Laminated Menus

Posted By on Apr 21, 2016

Restaurant Menu PrintingYou have a gorgeous restaurant menu design and it’s carefully encased in a laminated covering. These menus are designed to last quite a while, but you can make them last even longer by doing a few things to ensure they don’t become damaged before their time.

Cleaning Your Laminated Menus

You should clean your laminated menus only when necessary, spot cleaning the areas that actually need to be wiped down. Use a gentle soap and water mixture on a damp, non-abrasive towel.

If your menus are flush cut (without sealed edges), you will want to take special care to keep the moisture away from the edges. Menus that aren’t sealed at the edges will peel if they are exposed to moisture. You should also avoid banging the edges of the menu to straighten the piles out as this will keep your edges stronger.

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2018 Monthly Calendar Printing

Posted By on Aug 31, 2015

Monthly Calendar Printing can give an one of a kind parkway to propelling your advancements. Whether you are a new business or a built up enterprise, Calendars are an awesome approach to make an enduring impact on your intended interest group. Logbooks ought to be brilliant, fun and fascinating. Individuals ordinarily have such a variety of skimming around, it’s essential that yours is innovative and significantly more than just and an approach to compose the year. Occasions come around at any rate once per month, so why not include these famous days in with 12-month Calendar printing straightforwardly connected with your business.

2016, monthly, calendar, printing

Perhaps you are a bloom shop, salon, bookkeeping office or even a non-benefit, the greater part of your customers and clients wanted to get included in the occasions. Incorporate inconspicuous marking alongside your vacation themed photographs and symbolism for logbook printing that is genuinely viable. Any business can profit by making this security, and there are numerous approaches to approach the thought.

• Showcase your business occasions – If you have an essential yearly occasion or have some kind of recorded day of essentialness or new item dispatch, don’t hesitate to tailor it as an occasion with your Calendar printing. You need your clients to have the capacity to see your business reflected in almost everything in your custom timetable style.

• Feature customized photographs – For a blanketed November shot, incorporate a photograph of the outside of your business or a winter item in real life, instead of a non specific snow-filled photograph. Incorporate a heading for each photograph in your Calendar to tell your clients how neighborhood and significant the pictures are.

• Map out every month – Think about the fantastic occasions your intended interest group praises, however don’t simply top off the pages of your timetable printing with the normal. Discover one of a kind days and exceptional minutes to highlight that best speak to your organization or industry.

• Find a spot for you’re marking – Don’t get so made up for lost time in the festival that you neglect to concentrate on your business. Your logo, contact data, business name, motto and even staff photographs ought to show up as often as possible/sporadically all through the 2018 Monthly Calendar Printing outlines.

• Maximize your Calendars – You can simply print logbook outlines, yet it is best to go the additional mile to make them truly cleaned and proficient. Get the best tying for your logbook printing, include hold punching and a splendid since with watery or polished UV coatings. These little additional items will help your business’ showcasing endeavors surpass desires and shock your business!

Give your clients motivation to celebrate with the custom adaptability and usefulness of Monthly Calendars . In the event that you truly need your datebooks to pop, swing to dynamic full shading balance.

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5 Tips For Printing Fine Dining Menu

Posted By on Jul 17, 2015

Whether your business is a bistro, Restaurant, take away or fast food foundation you can truly profit by menu printing for your clients as well as for publicizing your business when all is said in done. More sustenance related business are spreading out into the take out world to give more decision and alternatives to their clients and in this manner builds their deals. Here are 5 tips for promoting your Restaurant through Menu Printing.

Fine, Dining, Menu, Printing, New York

  1. Make uncommon arrangements on your menu that clients can cite when they arrange. Dinner arrangements, uncommon take out costs and low conveyance expenses incorporating in your Fine Dining Menu Printing, are every single incredible seducer for individuals when picking where to get their fast nourishment. Regardless of the fact that you are a top of the line Restaurant, giving individuals the decision to get a full dinner to appreciate at an exceptional rate can have the effect when they are around the local area and feeling hungry. They will recollect this exceptional offer they saw on your menus and effectively search out your business.
  2. Restaurant Menu Printing itself is an awesome thought for promoting your Restaurant’s take out administrations. You can supply a duplicate of your menu to everybody in the region you can convey to. This shows potential clients precisely what sustenance you do and when they feel in the state of mind they’ll get your menu for requesting.
  3. You don’t have to recently distribute the menus at entryways, recall to incorporate one of your menus with each request. This is basic yet a profoundly compelling strategy for publicizing for your Restaurant. Menus may get lost, harmed and get nourishment on them effortlessly so you have to guarantee that clients have a substitution menu when they arrange so the following times they need take out they’ll do a reversal to you. As a general rule, if a client is picking an Restaurant to buy nourishment from, they’ll essentially pick the one they have a menu for.
  4. At the point when considering menu printing administrations you ought to additionally consider understudy rebates. Understudies have extremely occupied and wild ways of life and a large portion of them don’t have room schedule-wise or cash to spend on lavish nourishment and cooking. Applying an extraordinary understudy markdown when planning for Fine Dining Menu New York printing will urge youthful understudies to pick your Restaurant over rivals. In the event that they have a gathering of menus to look over, uncommon promoting rates can truly request and make your menu emerge over the rest.
  5. Discover an organization you can depend on for steady menu printing quality, mass requests and persistent custom. You will constantly require a huge supply of menus to keep your business developing and developing and in addition keeping up current clients. Proficient menu printing is an unquestionable requirement have element for your business so verify you locate a dependable and quality expert menu printing service.
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As fans of MMA, boxing and martial arts in general, we know how important it is for you – as a new organization or as a growing fighter – to make a memorable impression at every opportunity. While there are a handful of major and very well-known MMA and boxing organizations out there today, a lot of new and notable groups are popping up, struggling to gain recognition. That’s where we come into play.

It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting your organization as a whole, a specific fight, yourself as an agent, a fighter you represent, or yourself as a fighter – you need a very clear marketing strategy that will highlight your name and your talents.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the practice of taking a website and formatting the html code to read better to the search engines. What you may not know is if you want to get more traffic to your website the best way to do it is to get to the top of the search engine results, and Google is the number one engine.

The way search engines work is they crawl through the internet looking for sites and index them. Then when you go to Google and type in “Landscaping NJ” or “Auto Repair 08012” they will provide you the most relevant site. But it’s not the job of the search engine to determine that you want to be found for those keywords. So how does a search engine come to find out; you tell them. You can do that by strategically adding keywords and key phases throughout your website so that when a search engine scans your site it finds those words and knows that you are probably the most relevant. That’s the easy way to optimize a website for search engines.

There are many other factors that go into the formula a search engine follows to determine if your relevant for a keyword or key phrase that someone types in. Links to your site, meta tags, body text, image texts and social media are a few factors in a search engine’s formula.

Most websites out there are beautiful and full of wonderful information, but if search engines don’t find you and you never get indexed which means you never get searched and found, then what good is your website to anyone. More people use search engines to find what they are looking for on the internet then any other medium.

What we do is take your existing website and analyze the structure of the html code and reformat it so that search engines will have an easier time crawling through your site. We will research your industry and find good keywords that you’ll want to be found with. Once we have a good list of keywords we can go through your site and strategically place those keywords and add links, fully optimizing your page.

Now because you have a website already it doesn’t mean that it is optimized for the search engines. To find this out you can visit every page of your website and once your there go to “View and then page source.” This will bring up your website’s html code. From there you can determine if you site has been optimized.

For instance, does the title of your website include your company name? Is there a good clean description of your site? Is there about 5 strong keywords in your keyword metatag? Here’s an example of poor optimization

<title>Bob’s Auto Repair</title>
This is where the website content goes

That is a simple website code that only has a short title tag. Now here is an example of some good optimzation.

<title>Bob’s Auto Repair Turnersville New Jersey</title>
<description>Bring your car or truck into Bob’s Auto Repair today and recieve a free engine check. We are located in Turnersville NJ.</description>
<keywords>auto repair NJ,car repair NJ, auto body new jersey,car fix nj</keywords>
This is where the website content goes

That is a simple demonstration with no research to back it up. If you website looks like our first example then chances are no search engine will ever find your or count you as relevant. Also these simple metatags must be different for every page, because not every page of your website talks about the same thing. It gives the search engine more food to feed off of.

Matthew Giovanisci
Colour Printing

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Laminated Restaurant Menu Printing

Laminated Restaurant Menu Printing

Posted By on Nov 17, 2014

Having a well-designed menu is critical to the success of your restaurant, but menus printed on paper or heavy card stock tend to become dingy and grimy after just a few uses. Sure, you could have them printed over and over again, but it’s far more cost effective – and looks better – to have a laminated menu to offer your diners.

The Benefits of Laminated Restaurant Menu

While we offer a wide variety of products for Restaurant Menu purposes, there are a number of benefits associated with using a laminated menu. The most important, of course, is the cost. Laminated menus can be printed for a reasonable price and save you on the aforementioned reprinting costs –  something you’d be looking at several times per year with a paper menu.

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Designing and Printing an Ad Book

Designing and Printing an Ad Book

Posted By on Nov 14, 2014

Ad books are a great way to raise money for any type of event. They’re commonly used for high school plays and little league sports, but can also be used to raise funds and awareness for community parades, pageants, and any other event supporting an organization that could benefit from extra funds.

The ad booklet you have printed will serve two main purposes:

  1. Fundraising for your organization.
  2. Exposure for the people who purchase ad space.

Let’s be real. Have you ever gone to a play or banquet and not flipped through the event program while waiting for the show to start?

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