Print Restaurant MenuPrint Restaurant Menu

Every restaurant needs two things – Print Restaurant menus and placemats.  They need to stand out, not just blending in with your restaurant’s overall theme and branding, but standing apart from the crowd. They are, after all, the two things every single customer who walks through your doors will see.

Durable Menus – Designed to Last

Whether you’re Print Restaurant Menu in-house menu or the one you’ll use in mailings, you’ll have a number of paper options to choose from. Our favorite for restaurants, the one we find most effective, is the “Never Tear” paper This particular paper is designed to resist ripping, tearing, and even water and chemicals; meaning your menus will last longer and won’t smudge when exposed to weather during mailing, condensation, or even the cleaning supplies used in your restaurant. Polyester Never Tear is a fantastic choice that is bound to save you money in the long run.


Design and Layout

Print Restaurant Menu design isn’t just about listing your items and their prices. It’s about incorporating great visuals with a layout that will draw your customer’s attention to your feature items. Engineering the layout is a delicate combination of science and art. We at Colour Printing will work with you to make sure you are choosing the right features, food images, and layout to draw attention to your speciality items like Print Restaurant Menu, loss leaders, cocktails, and most profitable dishes. Your disposable placemat design is important as well. Will you be generating revenue by offering advertisement space to other local businesses? Are you going to feature your restaurant logo? Will you have a coloring or activity page on the back for children? These are all features to take into consideration. Sure, you could put a plain, solid-colored placemat down on the table, but why waste the space that could be working for you while further strengthening your Print restaurant menu brand?