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Restaurant Menu Printing

At Colour Printing, we understand the struggle of the restaurant industry. We have been right along side of mom and pop start up cafe, to large franchises going through growing pains.  We watched as COVID changed the industry forever. But as you evolved so did we, adding new technology, ideas and ways to communicate to your customer through your menu, social media and print.

We have a full line of restaurant menu printing and web products designed to make sure you look as good as your menu items taste.

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As a restaurant owner, you’re competing for attention in a market that to often seems over-saturated. You’re trying to establish yourself as a stand out in a crowded sea of local restaurants, but you’re in a unique position when it comes to competing with the opinions of your diners – opinions that are now louder and easier to hear than ever before thanks to the invention of review sites (like Yelp) and social media.

Diner Menus and Sports Bar Placemats

Menus and placemats are, of course, critical to your success. You’ll need professional restaurant menus for your diners as well as indestructible never tear menus for your outdoor seating areas. We’ll take your current list of offerings and design a menu that highlights your restaurant’s strengths and specialties.

Diners and smaller eateries often use disposable diner placemats on the tables, but these don’t need to be boring. We can highlight your brand while designing for you a professional, tasteful, and memorable diner or sports bar placemat.

Restaurant Owners increase your bottom line.

Restaurant Menu Printing can’t just be thrown together. They have to be designed in a way that showcases your most profitable loss-leaders while at the same time enticing you diner, whether you’re offering a fine dining menu or serving at a local cafe.

Word of mouth is one of the most beneficial methods for driving customers into your establishment. When your diners are happy, they’ll not only return but will tell their friends about their experiences. They’re the ones most likely to buy gift certificates for friends, ensuring both new and returning visitors find their way back to your tables.

Postcards and Mailers

Our printing department offers a full line of postcard and mailing options. We’ll help you design a custom postcard to announce your presence or upcoming deals. We can also help you tailor your menu for mailing. Your business thrives on meeting new people, so mass mailings are critical to your survival. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established business or new in town – you need to put your name into the homes of your patrons on a regular basis.

Restaurant Week

Are you participating in the annual restaurant week festival in your town this year? Most restaurants have a set menu for the week.  We can help you to maintain your brand and present your limited-time menu with a custom run of Print restaurant menu  for the special occasion. Just ask us about it!