Restaurant Menu PrintingYou have a gorgeous restaurant menu design and it’s carefully encased in a laminated covering. These menus are designed to last quite a while, but you can make them last even longer by doing a few things to ensure they don’t become damaged before their time. Cleaning Your Laminated Menus You should clean your laminated menus only when necessary, spot cleaning the areas that actually need to be wiped down. Use a gentle soap and water mixture on a damp, non-abrasive towel. If your menus are flush cut (without sealed edges), you will want to take special care to keep the moisture away from the edges. Menus that aren’t sealed at the edges will peel if they are exposed to moisture. You should also avoid banging the edges of the menu to straighten the piles out as this will keep your edges stronger.Folding Scored Menus In order to ensure your menus are shipped with ease, your menus are scored for folding but are shipped flat. To prevent cracking when you fold your menus, very gently squeeze around the score until it naturally finds its fold. Use a round object, like a Bic pen, to apply heavy pressure along the seam of the lamination. For extremely tough or thick lamination, fold the page back once, roll the pen again, close, and repeat once more. Weigh them down overnight, completely covered, in small batches. Thicker lamination has a memory and will try to open up again, but it will find its home if you carefully follow this process before using your menus. Spiral Bound Menus Spiral binding hasn’t changed in years and is very strong and durable. That said, employee or customer abuse can cause your menus to uncoil or break. Spiral bound menus typically last approximately 18 months depending on the volume of use. Loose or broken coils may be eligible for free replacement from Colour Printing. Contact your sales representative for more information if you are having issues with your spiral bound menus.