It’s been our pleasure to work with a number of religious institutions, building websites and helping to create promotional materials so that they are better positioned to spread their messages to the public. We’ve found that Christian Calendars are in high demand, but – believe it or not – there aren’t a lot of 2018 Christian Calendar Printing options out there for religious groups. 2018 Christian calendars can serve multiple purposes:
  1. Day planners make great tools for Bible study groups.
  2. Day planners with “read the Bible in a year” themes may make great fundraising items for the members of your parish.
  3. Motivational calendars and pocket planners are great gift items you can share with church visitors and while out at community events.
  4. Desktop planners are great gifts for office staff, church members, and vendors you do business with regularly.
While many religious institutions don’t place a major emphasis on marketing, it’s important for people to know who you are, where you’re located, and how they can learn more about your message. There are tons of options to choose from when designing your custom Christian calendar, too. Imagine a daily calendar or planner that points the reader to an Old Testament verse, New Testament verse, and Psalm each and every day, with a goal of helping them to read the bible in a year? Imagine a calendar that plans out an entire year of Bible study passages, including complementing books and materials. How about a calendar that simply offers 365 short verses and words of wisdom, compassion, and support? Your members will enjoy having access to such a functional calendar or planner that also offers a daily reminder of God’s love. The sooner we start planning the content for each day, week, or month of your calendar, the sooner we can send it to print. Check out our current Customizable Christian calendar or Contact us today and we’ll help you design a Christian calendar you’ll be proud to share.
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