Having a well-designed menu is critical to the success of your restaurant, but menus printed on paper or heavy card stock tend to become dingy and grimy after just a few uses. Sure, you could have them printed over and over again, but it’s far more cost effective – and looks better – to have a laminated menu to offer your diners. The Benefits of Laminated Restaurant Menu While we offer a wide variety of products for Restaurant Menu purposes, there are a number of benefits associated with using a laminated menu. The most important, of course, is the cost. Laminated menus can be printed for a reasonable price and save you on the aforementioned reprinting costs –  something you’d be looking at several times per year with a paper menu. Laminated Restaurant Menu are higher quality. They last longer but they also appear to be of higher quality when your customers hold them. The lamination adds stiffness, lends enhancement to the vibrant colors and images, and generally protects the menu so you don’t have to give your customers something that looks like it was just handled by another customer. A laminated menu is incredibly easy to clean, too. A simple wipe-down will remove smudges, spills, greasy hand prints, and germs. Laminated Restaurant Menu Options Lamination doesn’t limit your choices, either. You might want to stick with a simplistic, flat single sheet menu or a broader, folded menu with multiple panels. We can also create stunning menu booklets or self-standing pieces for display on your tables. It’s our honor to turn your vision into reality. Ready to get started? Contact us today to discuss your laminated menu design and printing needs.
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