Ad books are a great way to raise money for any type of event. They’re commonly used for high school plays and little league sports, but can also be used to raise funds and awareness for community parades, pageants, and any other event supporting an organization that could benefit from extra funds. The ad booklet you have printed will serve two main purposes:
  1. Fundraising for your organization.
  2. Exposure for the people who purchase ad space.
Let’s be real. Have you ever gone to a play or banquet and not flipped through the event program while waiting for the show to start? Your ad book, of course, features information about your event – the purpose or cause, the participants, and the schedule. It also clearly showcases those who have sponsored and supported you – the local businesses who have purchased ad space. While a lot of local businesses are happy to support organizations in this way, they do pay for ad space knowing (or hoping) they will receive some exposure in return. That’s why your ad book printer needs to give you a layout that is both functional and appealing to the eye. The nicer the printing and binding, the more likely a person is to read the program and remember the name of a business he’s read about inside. It’s a win-win for all involved. How to Get Started with Ad Book Printing Start by contacting us to discuss your time-frames. We’ll discuss your layout options and the quantity you may desire before setting some deadlines for the information that needs to be collected and finalized before your ad books can go to print. Once we’ve settled on your layout, we’ll give you information on the dimensions for the ad spaces you can sell for your organization. We’ll even give you order forms you can give the business owners and sponsors you approach, simplifying the order process as much as possible. The world of event planning can be incredibly fast paced and we understand that last minute changes can come in at any time. We’ll do the best we can to set realistic yet flexible working deadlines so that you can create the nicest, most informative ad book possible. If you’re looking for a great fundraising idea for any organization, think outside the box and consider an ad booklet or event program. Even small groups can raise funds for banquets and events by asking for local sponsors, and featuring them in a program is a great way to show your thanks!
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