Colour Printing


Offset Printing

Offset printing techniques involve transferring images to a blanket and then to a printing surface. The process involves the use of lithographic techniques, with repulsion oils and water, ensuring the ink rollers print exactly where your image should go while the non-ink areas remain free of smudges and stains. Offset printing projects result in an incredibly clean and sharp image and the quality of each image printed is guaranteed to be consistent. Colour Printing offers offset printing services for any type of project you can imagine. Our pricing is incredibly reasonable and the more you order, the lower the cost per page goes. It doesn’t matter if you need 1,000 pages or 1,000,000. We’ll work to meet your specifications, budget needs, and schedule. We specialize in printing notepads, adbooks, and business stationary.

Digital Printing

Offset printing used to be the only method for getting a job done. Technology has allowed for the development of digital printing techniques and your options in terms of color, design, and cost have multiplied. If your printing needs are too small for the traditional offset method, digital printing ensures you’ll get the highest quality piece possible. We’ll start by using some of today’s most advanced desktop publishing systems to create your cards, flyers, brochures, stationary, or posters. We can even print high-quality copies of your annual report for distribution. We’ll work together to choose a one-, two-, or full-color graphic layout to ensure the best response to your printed piece. Digital printing is most commonly used for personalized marketing pieces, variable print jobs, and for printing large books or manuals. It doesn’t matter if you need 20 pages or 2,000. Each piece can have its own unique text, photos, and call to action wording.


Not every project is complete the moment is rolls off the printer. We understand that businesses have unique needs. Do you want a glossy finish on your business cards? Do you need your company’s annual report bound? Do you want your first work of art to have some sort of professional saddle stitching or bookbinding? We know exactly how to give your project the finishing touches it needs to meet your business objectives.