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Desktop Calendars

22″x17″ One Color customer choice, Printed on 50# paper Super Heavyweight chip board for Sturdiness FREE Set up of your headers. High Quality Plastic corners to protect your calendar. [wp-review]


Even in today’s age of electronics, smart phones, iPads, and the widespread use of Instagram, people still need dependability and visibility in the work place. Large desktop calendars are in constant view, right there on the desk when you need to quickly confirm today’s date or next week’s meeting. Office workers always need information at their fingertips and a place to jot down hurried notes and info if they’re on the phone or busy at the computer.

Desktop Calendars

If that desktop calendar has your logo, name, address and other contact info printed boldly on each page of the month that’s a bonus you will find invaluable. Yes, your name and contact info will be on that calendar in bold print every month of the year. When customers or any visitors come in they will be able to see this info as well – every day of the year! Desktop Calendars are handy to have as gifts for any occasion. They are great giveaways for all your clients, merchants, customers, even family members to display at their places of work. You can even bundle them with other advertising materials, promotional items or even with personal gift cards for special promotions or for any gift giving occasion. You can also use these sturdy calendars as add-ons with other gifts and they’ll never forget the gift you gave them. The calendars printed by Colour Printing are sure to last through the year. These desktop calendars are made from heavyweight 50# bond with super chipboard backing and plasticized corners for durability and sturdiness and are guaranteed to last throughout the year. Better than mugs, key chains, and pens, these calendars provide your information in bold print, and are highly visible and will not get lost or forgotten. Often these other promotional items get left behind in restaurants, work place cafeterias, and on car floors. This means they are essentially a costly waste because they are not gaining you any visibility. Desktop calendars stay put and are ready to work for you 24/7. Desktop calendars are a super way to boost your visibility at a moderate cost. They are an inexpensive method of advertising and are useful to the recipient. Be sure to order your calendars soon so you have them for the holiday season. Other Services Like:Print Restaurant Menu, Desk Calendars A customized desk calendars is a great way to make sure your business’s brand is visible to your clients throughout the entire year. We all need to know what day it is and we all need to keep track of appointments or jot down quick notes while working. A customized desk calendar will give your recipients the perfect place to do all of these things while ensuring they see your name and logo every single day of the year.

Desk Calendars

Desk calendars are affordable and make excellent holiday gifts for employees, current clients, vendors, and prospects – anyone you like. When they see your name each day they’ll be more likely to remember it when they need your service, and they’ll be more likely to remember you when they’re giving a referral to someone else as well! Our Desk Calendars are printed on 50# bond  with a standard black calendar background and reinforced plastic corners with heavy chipboard background. The header will be customized with your business logo, name, and contact information. Calendars can be printed in the standard full size or smaller. When it comes to promoting your company, it is vital to have items that are effective. Desk calendars are often overlooked because people use mobile applications. However, calendars will give you the ability to have your brand name seen daily as the calendar is used. Unlike flyers and business cards, calendars are used heavily and not likely tossed. Here are a few other reasons why you need to rely on calendars as efficient promotional tools.

Build Your Brand

One of the best things that promotional Desk Calendars offer companies is the ability to build the brand. With a desk calendar, your company’s name will be seen several times every day. This gives you a better chance of being remembered and thought of first when your service is required. Even if the person who is using your desk calendar does not need your services, they are more likely to mention your company to others who ask because they will remember you first. Using promotional tools in this manner is exactly the same as handing out business cards, but people are less likely to stash them somewhere and forget about them.

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