Never Tear Menus

Your restaurant needs two things every single day – quality menus and presentable placemats. Your menus, whether you’re presenting them at the table or counter or mailing them to your potential patrons, need to be not only aesthetically pleasing but durable. They can’t show signs of wear and tear when you hand them to your customers. Our Never Tear menus are made with a specialized material that is resistant to tipping, tearing, smudging, water, condensation, and even your average cleaning chemical. The polyester based material is strong and durable and doesn’t compromise your colorful layout and design. Simply fill out the form above to get a quote for a menu designed to make your establishment stand out. We’ll contact you for your design. Don’t have one? We can help you with that, too. Just contact us for more information or to request a free Never Tear sample.

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