Single Use and disposable menus are now available for fighting the COVID-19. Due to the extreme nature of the COVID-19 virus Colour Printing is now offering a wide variety of single use and disposable menus.

In March of 2020 our world began to shape and change into something new. Our company which thrives on the diner and restaurant industry came to a halt. Small restaurant owners, and large restaurant managers called on us to make we are open banners and lawn signs; takeout A-frames and takeout menus. Then we sat back with our family and friends, watching and waiting.

New Restaurant Mandates

Single use and disposable menus are the new mandate for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware restaurants and bars. This means after every use the menu needs to be recycled promptly.

The best benefit of these menus comes with the ability to change your menu daily, weekly or monthly. But how many do you need? If you do not have a pos system, then we need to depend on your volume, so lets run some numbers.

If you have a 50 table (based on 4 people) establishment that typically runs at a 75% fill rate. Then that is approximately 150 patrons. A standard turnover is an hour and a half per table so cross that with a 9 hour day you are seating about 600 customers on average. So this restaurant we would typically recommend 4,500-5,000 menus per week.

Single Use Menu Types

Every single use and disposable menu starts with a great design and great paper. We can provide a low cost paper from 60# – 80# in a variety of colors and finishes. We also carry for the finer places out there a midweight card stock ranging from linen, antique, as well as bright colors and custom cuts.

Most menus will range from 8.5×14 through 12×18 in size. But we can custom design and cut any size you can think of.

We are offering a full designed and shipped menu or just the paper for you to do it yourself. Call for a free consult 856-939-5599 or contact us here.