As fans of MMA, boxing and martial arts in general, we know how important it is for you – as a new organization or as a growing fighter – to make a memorable impression at every opportunity. While there are a handful of major and very well-known MMA and boxing organizations out there today, a lot of new and notable groups are popping up, struggling to gain recognition. That’s where we come into play. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting your organization as a whole, a specific fight, yourself as an agent, a fighter you represent, or yourself as a fighter – you need a very clear marketing strategy that will highlight your name and your talents. What might that strategy include? john forsterBanners stand out as incredible marketing tools at every promotional and fight event you attend. You can use them at press conferences, at public appearance events, and of course on fight night. Banners can be created to advertise an event, a group of fighters, or an individual fighter. They also offer you the opportunity to thank your sponsors by showcasing their logos. Postcards make it easy to promote your fighter or event. They can be mailed traditionally or they can be printed in full-color on both sides and used as handouts at events. A professionally designed informational postcard can include any information you feel is pertinent to your event, or to promoting a fighter’s reputation, record, and upcoming appearances and fights. Brochures can be used in much the same was as a postcard, but with quite a bit of additional text and helpful information. The design and layout can be tailored to your personality and needs, showcasing the work of an organization as it needs to be portrayed to potential sponsors or to the public as a whole. assassinNon-slip laminated ring graphics are visible in the ring at almost every boxing and MMA event, whether it’s the main logo of the organization hosting the fight or a series of sponsor logos. Make sure you double-check with the organization giving you the space to ensure your ring graphic meets size specifications and other guidelines. Programs can be distributed at your events or sold as souveniers. These full-color booklets can showcase your entire card, include features about your main fighters, and of course showcase the businesses and individuals sponsoring your event. Our program printing services give you the option to tailor our program books to any size or page specification you need. Website design is critical to your organization or to you as a fighter. You’ll want to have a web presence to include on your printed materials and to make sure you’re found on the web when new fans begin searching for you online. This may also include a complete search engine marketing strategy to ensure it’s easier to find you in a standard web search. Ready to get started? Contact us today to discuss these and any other business needs you have. We’re here to help, whether you want to promote an event or brand your entire organization.  
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