Search Engine Optimization

SEOSearch Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, otherwise known simply as SEO, is the foundation of every successful online advertising campaign. While it will be relatively simple for repeat customers who already know your website URL to find your site, your ultimate goal is to make sure that those who are searching the web for businesses similar to yours find your site in their search engine results. Those who search the web use certain key phrases most frequently and the higher you rank on the web for those phrases, the more business you’ll gain.Here at Colour Printing we understand the importance of a well optimized website. We’ll take your target keywords and an understanding of your niche and create a marketing campaign that is guaranteed to drive new traffic to your website.

Starter Package – On Page Optimization

Good search engine optimization starts right on the individual pages of your website. Specific keywords and phrases need to be used throughout your pages – within the content and the tags – in order to let the search engines know you’re serious about your business.  Choose this option for more detailed information on our on-page starter package, ensuring your website is not ignored by the search engines, no matter what other marketing techniques you use.

Professional Package – Off Page Optimization

Our professional package combines both on page optimization and off page optimization. Once your website is properly optimized, we can work on driving natural traffic from the search engines to your website. This involves building an online reputation on sites other than your own. We’ll use methods that include but aren’t limited to backlink building, guest posting, and article marketing. We’ll even help you determine which keywords you should be focused on.

Social Media

Search engine optimization has changed in the past couple of years, and the search engines don’t focus solely on the number of links pointing back to your website. They’re also looking for social indicators, proving that you’re active and engaged with your audience. This means you’ll need to play a more active role on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – and even on your own blog. Colour Printing can help with your social media reputation as well.Want to learn a little more about SEO? Check out “What is Search Engine Optimization?” by our own SEO expert, Matthew Giovanisci.