SEO Starter Package

SEO Starter Package – On Page Optimization

At the heart of every great advertising campaign is a good website. Why? Search engines utilize what are commonly referred to as web crawlers. On a regular basis, these crawlers literally “crawl” the web, searching for new pages and information. They’ll look for new websites, new pages on existing websites, and new content and then report back to the search engines. The end result is that your pages are indexed so that they show up in the results when people plug certain terms, or keywords, into the search box.While those web crawlers are searching your site, they’ll be looking for those same keywords and phrases. Those keywords tell the search engines quite a bit about who you are and what you do, increasing your odds of being found when someone does a random search on the web.Colour Printing is proud to offer on page optimization services. Your SEO package will include:
  • FREE SEO Consultation – We’ll take a look at your website as it exists today and let you know why what you have is or is not working.
  • Professional Keyword Analysis – We’ll take a close look at the keywords used on your page and do the research necessary to determine if they’re the most effective.
  • Professional Web Page Analysis and Updates – We’ll look at every page on your website, one by one. We’ll update or add the proper titles, descriptions, and keyword tags to ensure your site is noticed.
  • Manual Search Engine Submission – We don’t want to wait for the web crawlers to stumble upon your site. We want to let them know your website exists. We’ll manually submit your website to the major search engines for faster indexing of your pages.
  • XLM SiteMap Creation – An XML Sitemap makes it easier for the search engines to read the information on your page. We’ll create an XML Sitemap for your site, help you set up accounts with the major search engines, and have you well on your way to submitting your site and updates to Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
  • Google Analytics Setup – Google Analytics is a free tool, from Google, which allows you to track the way your site is performing.
  • Monthly Maintenance
Of course, once your website is properly optimized, you’ll also want to start working to drive traffic from the web, increasing your page rankings. Don’t forget to check out our professional off page optimization package,  including both on page and off page SEO.